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America’s First Espression by Lavazza cafe set to open Tomorrow

The Espression by Lavazza cafe, located at Chicago’s Drake Hotel (140 E. Walton Pl., Arcade level), will celebrate its grand opening on Wednesday, November 12 as the first of its kind in North America. Already popular in Europe with locations in Germany and Italy, the Espression by Lavazza concept offers an innovative approach to coffee with a highly creative menu, and original espresso and gelato beverage creations.

World-renowned consulting chefs, Ferran Adria and Moreno Cedroni helped to develop the exclusive offerings at Espression by Lavazza. In fact, Adria himself is behind the creation of Lavazza’s solid espresso creation, Espesso, named Best Invention by TIME Magazine in 2006. Other unique coffee beverages include Espresso Melba, espresso with peaches in light syrup, hot chocolate, amaretto and whipped cream; Espresso Nocciolato, espresso with Nutella, hazelnuts and whipped cream; and the Blendissimo, a combination of espresso, gelato and a choice of flavoring like mocha, hazelnut mocha, orange mocha or caramel.
Although Lavazza is known for its unique coffee creations (being Italy’s leading coffee company), the Espression by Lavazza cafe aslo offers a number of salad and sandwich selections also created by the all-star chef team of Adria and Cedroni. Favorites include the Duetto Agrodolce, two mini baguettes with Proscuitto di Parma, mushrooms and onion chutney; Involtini di Salmone Affumicato, smoked salmon roll ups with asparagus, cream cheese and mixed greens; and Insalata di Frutta e Parmigiano, assorted greens with mixed berries, walnuts and shaved Parmesan served with Passion Fruit vinaigrette.
The cafe concept received the 2008 Grand Award for Restaurant Design at the A.R.E. Design Awards.
The new Espression by Lavazza cafe will be open 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday. For more information, call (312) 640-2440 or visit

Photos from Espression by Lavazza on Walton Place.

Lavazza brings chic coffee cafe to Chicago

We already know that Chicago is swiftly becoming a culinary hotspot for foodies and chefs world-wide, and while New York may claim that they take their coffee more seriously, Chicago is definitely taking the lead in the gourmet coffee world by welcoming the first Espression by Lavazza in America to our gorgeous city in November 2008. Where can you get expressive at Espression? Why, at the always glamorous Drake Hotel, located at 140 E. Walton Street at Michigan Avenue.

To Eat at Espression: choices include a Brie and prosciutto panini with fig and tangerine marmalade, hearts of artichoke salad with shaved Parmesan drizzled with passion fruit dressing and a smoked salmon caprese salad. Good to know: all salads and sandwiches are made fresh to order and served at the table on porcelain plates. The breads, muffins, croissants, cookies and more are baked on-site daily.

To drink: Innovative and exclusive offerings featuring Lavazza’s espresso and various gourmet accoutrements. Be sure to taste the Espesso™, a solid espresso created by culinary mastermind Ferran Adrià, which was awarded Best Invention by Time Magazine. The mousse-like treat will arrive in Espression by Lavazza at the Drake Hotel and is available in espresso, cappuccino and macchiato flavors.

We may be the “second city”, but we’ve got the only Espression by Lavazza in America at the moment. Coffee and foodie fanatics: book your flights now because this one’s a must-try. The tickets to Chicago are far cheaper than Italy and the experience at Espression by Lavazza in the lovely Drake Hotel will have you believing you’re in Venice; just don’t mistake the Chicago River for the Grand Canal.

Espression by Lavazza: in the Drake Hotel
140 E Walton
Chicago, IL
Espression by Lavazza café hours:
6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday-Thursday;
6 a.m. to 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday
Espression by Lavazza café phone number:
(312) 640-2440

Lavazza will launch its new Espression cafes in America this fall. First stop: Chicago

Lavazza, Italy’s leading coffee company, has created a new cafe concept, Espression, which will have its American launch in Chicago this fall. Click the links to get a sneak peak of these amazing cafes.

There are several Espression cafes already operating in Europe and they reflect Lavazza’s extraordinary flair for design. The cafes recently won the Grand Award for Restaurant Design at the A.R.E. Design Awards, sponsored by the Association for Retail Environments.

The name “Espression” refers to espresso, the signature Lavazza product and also Lavazza’s popular tagline, “Espress Yourself.” Espression features a youthful, eclectic and contemporary design that glows with creativity, vitality and a touch of glamour.

The ambience juxtaposes a number of seemingly contrasting elements in such a way that they actually live side by side in harmony. The traditional materials used evoke Italian design history, but they are designed with a strikingly modern look and feel. The mood is vibrant throughout and the space interacts with people, gaining their attention while stirring their emotions.

The scribble graphic style chosen for the backgrounds represents Espression’s recurring visual theme. The “eclectic Italian nature” was taken as the central element for the aesthetic definition. Old traditional stereotypes were put aside in order to bring to the surface a truer and more modern way of being Italian.

Lavazza teamed with world-renowned consulting chefs Ferran Adrià and Moreno Cedroni to develop the menu ideas. The menu is highly creative and its exclusive offerings, including food and original espresso and gelato beverage creations, are designed with a nod toward the best in contemporary cuisine. A majority of the breads, croissants, muffins and cookies are baked fresh on site daily. Sandwiches and salads are made to order.

Lavazza’s unique coffee creations, collectively known as “I Piaceri del Caffe” (The Pleasures of Coffee), are a blend of espresso with gourmet ingredients in unusual and delicious ways. Items such as Espesso, Cappugiro, Espresso Crema Shakerato and the new Espessiones), are served in porcelain or glass.

Espression’s design and fixtures are based on a modular approach that works well within hotel, airport, mall or campus settings. The company also signed a Master Licensing Agreement for Espression with Hilton Hotels Corporation. Additional licensing arrangements with other select multi-unit operators are available.